Tips for recording guitars or bass at home:

A) YOUR CHAIN: Guitar, cable, audio interface: -Connect your guitar to the cable and to the HI-Z/INSTRUMENT/HIGH IMPEDANCE input of your audio interface - Lower your driver settings (buffers or latency) to the minimum possible - keep your project as simple as possible, to lower the CPU load as much as possible, just drums (preferably freezed) and the instrument you are about to record. Load an amp simulator on the track, such as Guitar rig or better, Ignite amps NRR1 or EMIS


GENERAL REQUIREMENTS All files MUST be in .WAV, 24 bit, MONO (except synths, keys and reverberated tracks) preferably 44100Hz , but I accept up to 96.000Hz All tracks MUST be in sync and start from the same ZERO POINT. AFTER EXPORT CHECK THE EXPORT YOU ARE GOING TO SEND ME, check that everything (and I mean everything) is exactly in the place where you want it to be. All SONGS must be in line, in a single project. song 1, then 30 sec pause, song 2, 30 sec pause , song 3, on