• Stefano Morabito

5 Things the Guitarists and Bassists Needs to Know Before Recording

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

  1. SET UP YOUR INSTRUMENT bring it to a liuthery or instrument technician that you trust, to set up intonation, tension, distance of the strings, ask to our technician about brand of strings, pickups and picks.

  2. USE THE BEST INSTRUMENT THAT YOU HAVE For guitars, in metal, often the best choice is to use the best guitar that you have in your arsenal to record all rhythm guitars, be it two or four. For solos or melodic guitars, you can choose whatever you like.

  3. LEARN BOTH GUITARIST'S PARTS When the parts are very similar (L & R) it is a good practice for the part to be played from the same hand, for timing and style of picking must be very similar on both sides, to make it like a "wall of sound".

  4. REHARSE WITH CLICK Reharse with click, and possibly record yourself, so you can hear if and where you do wrong. A good idea would be to come to the studio with raw pre productions, So we can have a quick listen and have an idea of the project, in the meantime, you also experience what could be the difficult parts for you.

  5. RELAX AND HAVE FUN After all these ‘rules’ it might seem like recording isn’t any fun at all. Quite the contrary, when all parties involved are aware and comfortable with these ‘rules’, the recording process becomes a very special time. Without having to worry about being in tune, people chatting away or being distracting in the background, rushed for time, etc., you are allowing yourself to let loose. This gives you the opportunity to really let this music you have been working so hard on, really shine.

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