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Recording Guidelines For a Good Collaboration With 16th Cellar Studio "DRUMS EDITION"

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

First of all thanks for Your collaboration, I hope we will get the best possible results on this album working together as a team! N.B. This apply just for bands who record at home or in another studio, and then need mixing. This is a short paper in wich i would like to ask some requirements that makes possible for me to acheive the best results in my mixing/editing process, and to avoid loss of time and/or misunderstandings on both parts. FILES:

  1. All files MUST be in .WAV, 24 bit, MONO preferably 44100Hz, but I accept up to 96.000Hz

  2. All tracks MUST be in sync and start from the same ZERO POINT. AFTER EXPORT CHECK THE EXPORT YOU ARE GOING TO SEND ME, check that everything (and I mean everything) is exactly in the place where you want it to be.

  3. All SONGS must be in line, in a single project. EXAMPLE: song 1, then 30 sec pause, song 2, 30 sec pause , song 3, on EACH individual instrument track. I will divide it, after mixing/ mastering

  4. ALL TRACKS must be zipped or "rar" in a SINGLE LINK. ONE DOWNLOAD. dont upload 300 wav tracks and make me download them singularly it will also take ages for you to upload and ages for me to download them. Please export a midi track of the whole project with time and tempo signatures, so I have the same measures that you have , and i can work better with editing, if needed.

All files must be named accordingly of what they contain. Please no abbreviations or names of the various microphones that you used unless you have multimiked (for example) the snare. Example: KICK, SNARE UP, SNARE DWN, TOM 1, and so on, as simple as that! GENERAL REQUIREMENTS/INDICATIONS

  • Acoustic drums MUST be recorded in a professional studio, with proper equpment, good editing (if you send me edited tracks) [which means that for example if a tom roll is supposed to contain 4 hits, it contains 4 hits or at least 4 transients], good sound guy, and the drummer MUST play good and hard. FOR DEATH METAL PROJECTS: Please reduce at the minimum all the cymbals bleed in the tom and snare tracks, OR BETWEEN THEM. (that doesen't mean to cut all the toms where they don't play, but it means that you HAVE to use proper miking technique. In this field, separation of the various pieces of the drums is favorable when choosing between SOUND and SEPARATION -anyway if we have both it's great of course-). If you can't meet those criterias please consider to use programmed drums OR just record cymbals and use programmed tom/kick/snare. If needed, in all cases, I will make the drums sound natural.

  • Absolutely NO compressors NO eqs, NO magic boxes on any track. Just good miking, mic, cable, preamp converter.

What tracks is ok to send?

  • KICK INSIDE (if the drummer wants real kick,OR is possible, otherwise just trigger is ok of course)


  • SNARE UP (less possible bleed please)



  • TOM1 (less possible bleed please)

  • TOM2 (less possible bleed please)

  • TOM3 (less possible bleed please)

  • TOMS TRIGGER (IF EDITED. midi or audio is ok)

  • OVERHEADS1 (If possible XY OR ORTF)

  • OVERHEADS2 (If possible XY OR ORTF)

  • RIDE CYMBAL (less possible bleed please)

  • ROOMS (just if room is worth it)

  • HIHAT and/or SPOT MIKES ON CYMBALS (just if you are going for an AB miking technique)

Just a few notes more: for OVERHEADS, I prefer a FRONT XY or ORTF miking technique over the AB/SPACED PAIR technique because of the phase issues that introduces. If you don't want or can't or you dont like it, please, consider to put an XY or ORTF set alongside with the AB set, so I can work with something that i feel confortable with. - ride cymbal IF possible, miked from UNDER the cymbal - if you want to put a mike on every cymbal I'm totally ok with it, if there are overheads alongside with them, of course. all mikes MUST point towards the center (and CLOSE) of the drums - If you feel that a snare or tom roll is too messy for editing/triggering probably I would feel the same, so please redo or EDIT it according to the desired result Of course, if it is possible and/or you have time, please feel free to send a sample of the work in progress!

Thanks very much for your collaboration and have a good time Recording, Looking forward to work with you soon!

Stefano, 16th Cellar Studio

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