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Updated: Oct 30, 2018


  • All files MUST be in .WAV, 24 bit, MONO (except synths, keys and reverberated tracks) preferably 44100Hz , but I accept up to 96.000Hz

  • All tracks MUST be in sync and start from the same ZERO POINT. AFTER EXPORT CHECK THE EXPORT YOU ARE GOING TO SEND ME, check that everything (and I mean everything) is exactly in the place where you want it to be.

  • All SONGS must be in line, in a single project. song 1, then 30 sec pause, song 2, 30 sec pause , song 3, on EACH individual instrument track. I will divide it, after mixing/ mastering.

  • When for example song 3 contains a small effect/solo it MUST have the same length of the entire project. "silence silence silence SOLO [end of track]" if there's another solo after that one, it will be: "silence silence silence SOLO silence silence SOLO"

  • ALL TRACKS must be zipped or "rar" in a SINGLE LINK. ONE DOWNLOAD. dont ever upload 300 wav tracks and make me download them singularly it will also take ages for you to upload and ages for me to download them.

  • Please export a midi track of the whole project with time and tempo signatures, so I have the same measures that you have , and i can work better with editing, if needed.

  • EACH track must contain only what it is supposed to contain.

  • ALL files (both if you give me single songs, or if you give me the whole project) must be named with this criteria: -*case 1 you give me separated songs (which i do not advise)[number of song]_[name of instrument]_[number of instrument/panning] ----> example: 1_GUITAR_L or 1_GUITAR_1 / 1_GUITAR_R or 1_GUITAR_2 -*case 2 you give me whole project,[name of instrument]_[number of instrument/panning] ----> example: GUITAR_L or GUITAR_1 / GUITAR_R or GUITAR_2 if i see weird names on the files (like guitsm57_dup_1copy_api512c) I WILL NOT ACCEPT THE WORK or charge you with additional time/money for having to recognize , rename and order the files

  • NO PANNING ON STEREO TRACKS GUITARS AND BASS Guitars and bass are crucial. If you are not sure that you can record it with proper equipment (good amp, good pedals good guitars, good mic preamp and good mics) then just send me DI TRACKS, straight from the pickups. I will reamp everything. you will find infos on how to do this everywhere. if you want to send me amped tracks, for safety, ALWAYS SEND ME DI TRACKS together with AMPED tracks. Also guitars should be played with the same guitar, left and right, and possibly from the same guitar player, in that precise moment. You will find why if you do a little research on the matter , on the internet. double or quad tracking is ok, NEVER ONE RHYTHM GUITAR ALONE. When possible you should contact me to speak about Pickups, distance from the strings, Guitar selection, and Strings selection, and send me some sample to see if everything is ok, or according to my minimum requirements. NO CLIPPING on DI TRACKS, NO CLIPPING OR DISTORTION ON ANY TRACKS, NO EFFECTS ON ANY TRACK. IF THIS CRITERIA IS NOT MET, I WILL NOT ACCEPT THE WORK NO BACKGROUND NOISES ON GUITARS AND BASS, no electrical noise, no "fshhhh" noise, no computer noise. Please be sure to record Only what you want, use your monitors and your ears to be sure that you are giving me a good, noiseless track. Try to listen it completely clean when doing DI's, and also with an amp simulator. IF THIS CRITERIA IS NOT MET, IT WILL RESULT ON TIME LOSS AND ADDITIONAL MONEY CHARGES VOCALS Vocals must be recorded at a professional studio, with proper equipment, acoustic treatment and with a good sound guy. DRUMS - Acoustic drums MUST be recorded in a professional studio, with proper equpment, good editing, good sound guy, and the drummer MUST play good and hard. Please reduce at the minimum all the cymbals bleeds in the tom and snare tracks (that doesen't mean to cut all the toms where they don't play, but it means that you HAVE to use professional miking technique). If you can't meet those criterias please consider to use programmed drums OR just record cymbals and use programmed tom/kick/snare. If needed, in all cases, I will make the drums sound natural. FOR FURTHER EXPLANATION AND TIPS ON DRUMS PLEASE REFER TO THE OTHER SECTION OF THE BLOG!


If you need to "SAVE" a problematic/poorly recorded album, please contact me and explain exactly all the problems, sending a 30 sec sample of all the tracks BEFORE proceeding to the booking.

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